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deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner have just released a showstopping new single as both a radio edit and 8-minute extended track entitled 'Channel 43', making this their first collaborative release since their song 'Channel 42' released on deadmau5's album '>album title goes here<', following up their debut collaboration, 'Animal Rights' on deadmau5's '4x4=12' LP. Kicking off 2021 in one of the biggest

Remember back in 2010 when the legends deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner teamed up for the hit single "Animal Rights?" It has been 10 years and it is safe to say many of us are still listening to this classic. After providing fans another epic collaboration on "Channel 42" from deadmau5's album > album title goes here <, the collaboration easily contributes to playing an important role

Wolfgang Gartner and Kill The Noise unite for a debut collaboration track which is not only thrilling and upbeat, it is the partnership of two dance music virtuosos that came unexpectedly. The new track is called ‘Battlestations’ and it is truly the best of both worlds. This track is abundant in every sense of the word: filled with playful and uplifting

Due to the current situation in the world, our life has moved to the virtual world. One of the industries that have suffered (and still suffers) most in recent months is definitely the event/club industry. Hundreds of canceled tours, dozens of moved in time music festivals, suspended functioning of clubs practically all over the world, etc. Due to a kind of

One of the legends of electronic music - Wolfgang Gartner - has returned with an incredible fusion track that crossed dubstep, bass house, electro, and everything in between. The 36 year old - real name Joseph Thomas Youngman - has seen his tracks released on the biggest labels across the world, from Armada to Ultra, Spinnin' to Monstercat, with the new release

After impressing the Gartner fanbase and finding success with his track 'Banshee', a collaboration with rising star K?d, Wolfgang Gartner returns once again to satisfy fans with an original production called 'Ching Ching'. Having released electro music for over a decade, Wolfgang Gartner has become a name synonymous with the genre as the artist continues to play at the top of

Last year was undeniably a highlight year for Grammy-nominated Joey Youngman who is better known through his commercial alias, Wolfgang Gartner. The American renowned producer released his chart topping sophomore album, "10 Ways To Seal Home Plate"  at the top of 2016 and over a year later, he continues to feed fans with innovative new tunes. "Borneo" is just Gartner's second release of the new

Fans rejoice, Wolfgang Gartner is back. Unfortunately, in February 2015, the American producer had to take a touring hiatus to focus on his ongoing health issues.  After almost a year, Wolfgang Gartner has returned, announcing the release of a full-length album on January 29th in the United States.  Here at We Rave You, we are obviously very glad to hear that he is getting