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Dance music legend Pete Tong joined the talented conductor Jules Buckley and The Heritage Orchestra at the O2 Arena for another glorious 'Ibiza Classics' show. Since 2016, going to a Christmas rave hosted by the world-famous voice of BBC Radio 1 has become a British tradition. ‘Ibiza Classics' party as we know it was postponed to 2021, giving place to an ambitious digital

With artists drawing huge audiences to their Instagram profiles with live content, the organisations VP of Product is considering monetising their live streams. As we have all likely seen for ourselves, the on-going COVID-19 pandemic has brought DJs to heavily focus on their social media output, with many in particular favour of DJ live streams. Instagram is one of the platforms

deadmau5 has revealed an orchestral version of his iconic masterpiece 'Strobe' during a recent Twitch stream online. The Canadian DJ who has produced a variety of styles within the progressive house genre gave the Mau5 following a small but delightful taste of his redefined classic. During the stream, deadmau5 was discussing movie scores, to which the topic was followed by the esteemed

Awakenings Festival, one of the world's largest festivals dedicated solely to techno music, has made its set available for streaming online via BE-AT.TV. The stats for this year's streams are truly staggering, with eight million individual viewers with a social reach of 77 million and 600,000 engagements on social media. BE-AT.TV has every set online from all eight stages, to be

After What So Not's confirmation this past September, fans both international and stateside have come together to hail the release of "Waiting". Accompanied by bass lords RL Grime and Skrillex, "Waiting" is a heavy hitter with zero relaxation time. First heard as an ID during RL Grime's 2015 HARD Summer set, each artists unique production techniques are highlighted perfectly, making