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Roskomnadzor (RKN) an agency from Russia bans SoundCloud, alleging that the service is distributing "False Information" about the nation's invasion of Ukraine. After battling big tech companies and an entire nation in the past few months, the Russian government is back at it again, this time putting a ban on the audio streaming service as Russia bans SoundCloud. The Federal Service for

Gareth Emery has come together with fellow Ukrainian artist Omnia for their brand-new collaboration ‘Unity’. With thanks to UNICEF Ukraine, all of the track’s proceeds will go to support the children who’ve been displaced due to the devastating war in Ukraine. Emery recently premiered the track during his A State Of Trance set at Ultra Music Festival Miami; moments prior to taking

Over the past few weeks, there have been humongous efforts across the industry to raise funds for Ukrainian Citizens suffering through the Humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian invasions. From protests to live events, millions in funds have already been raised, now however Belgian producer and DJ Amelie Lens and her label Exhale Records are releasing a compilation release to raise

Last June organisation Save Our Scene joined forces with thousands of members of the public as well as members of the industry to go on a monumental march to protest how the UK government were unfairly treating the nighttime industry throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Now as the world is facing a new obstacle, with that being the Ukrainian invasion from Russia, Save Our

The Ukrainian government was said to be issuing an airdrop for all crypto contributors on Thursday afternoon. In a crypto airdrop, users are given free tokens of a digital currency to stimulate adoption. However, it was unclear if Ukraine planned to distribute cryptocurrencies or blockchain. The airdrop was initially announced on the country's official Twitter account on Wednesday, but no

A number of DJs and EDM streaming platforms have decided to raise funds for Ukraine this upcoming week by hosting live-stream sets.  All proceeds will directly benefit Ukrainian organizations following the events that have taken place this past week. On Thursday, February 24th, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, declared war on their neighbouring country Ukraine by invading the country on

With the ongoing aggression that Russia is causing in Ukraine, the Ukrainian government is accepting cryptocurrency donations. Bitcoin and other crypto-assets have emerged as a viable alternative to traditional crowdfunding. They enable fast, cross-border donations, avoiding financial institutions that can prohibit funds or slow the withdrawal process. Since the invasion began on February 24th, hundreds of bitcoin have been contributed raising