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Pendulum. They certainly need no introduction, but let's give them one anyway! Cementing a reputation as one of the electronic music industry's most pivotal groups, the UK-outfit helped bridge the gap between the electronica-explosion clad with artists such as Joey Negro, Michael Gray, Benny Benassi, and Bodyrockers, and the pre-EDM boom of 2010-onwards. Emerging with their huge debut album 'Hold

As the special anniversary edition of EDC Las Vegas nears - with just a few more months to go - all that was left to do after all tickets had been sold out was to reveal the lineup. Doing it a unique way, Pasquale Rotella (Insomniac head) hosts a very special edition of Night Owl Radio called 'music through music' lineup reveal. In a fun

After teasing fans for some time now, Knife Party are back with a brand new EP titled "Lost Souls". Combining their intense and uncompromising fusion style: The fully independent EP released on Earstorm includes; big room house banger ‘No Saint’, dubstep monster ‘Lost Souls’, EDM anthem ‘Death *& Desire’ (Feat. Harrison), and even some gruesome techno in ‘Ghost Train’. Despite being busy

Making a storm with devilish sounds and unforgiving bangers powerhouse duo Knife Party - consisting of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen - have always known how to shake up the music industry. With over a billion (and counting) streams across platforms to date, it's safe to say Knife Party have successfully left their permanent mark. Although it seemed the duo had settled down for a while

Since the clock chimed on the new year, the electronic dance music scene has been inundated with plenty of new music as genre-dominating artists continue to churn out track after track. This tide of musical goodies has kept We Rave You's releases+ page a busy one and with each passing day, we're never too sure what we are going to hear

Knife Party are back stronger than ever, and it seems we are getting ever closer to the release of some brand new music. After releasing a banging remix of Pendulum‘s ‘Blood Sugar’ and some very interesting IDs previewed throughout 2018 on their 'Knifecast' show. Back in December, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen announced that the new EP is coming within three months, sending fan excitement levels through

Australian music duo Knife Party, comprising of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen who form two members from drum and bass band Pendulum, has given their fans the ultimate Christmas news. In their podcast titled 'Knifecast', the duo announced that a new EP is coming within three months and fan's excitement levels have shot through the roof. Earlier this year, news broke when Rob updated his

Knife Party are back stronger than ever, and it seems we are getting ever closer to the release of some brand new music. After a banging remix of Pendulum's 'Blood Sugar' earlier this year, Knife Party member Rob Swire took to Reddit for an interesting AMA with fans. The highlight from the AMA was no doubt the confirmation that a new Knife Party EP is

deadmau5 has just released a music video to accompany his long awaited collaboration with Rob Swire 'Monophobia'. The track is part of the new compilation album mau5ville: Level 1. We first heard this track in one of deadmau5's Twitch streams and it was fully premiered at Spring Awakening Festival in Chicago, Illinois. deadmau5 and Rob Swire are no doubt two of the most talented producers in the