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At the end of this summer's Pioneer DJ prepared a real treat and at the same time a mystery, for the whole DJ world. On Thursday, September 3rd, on selected social media channels of the concern, a mysterious, incredibly energetic video entitled A New Dimension appeared. The 15-second spot presents several dynamic shots of the design of characteristic elements and

The everlasting battle of technology used by DJs and producers just got new players, quite literally, as Denon has announced new additions to its Prime series. With the new SC6000 and SC6000M DJ players, Denon is moving further into the market that is largely dominated by Pioneer and its CDJs, which are part of nearly every club and festival setup. Both

Pioneer have been busy affirming their status as queens of the DJ tech market these past few months, and now we've had yet another massive addition to their range in the shape of the XDJ-XZ. Admittedly the Pioneer lineup can be somewhat confusing, between CDJs, mixers, control units for software, and so on. The XDJ systems are their "all-in-one" controllers,

The iconic brand, Pioneer DJ has decided to change its name to "AlphaTheta", effective January 1st, 2020.  The decision to change the name arose after there had been confusion around the corporation Pioneer and their DJ devices, under the brand name Pioneer DJ. In 2015, the Pioneer Corporation sold its DJ subsidiary to KKR & Co LP, a private equity

Pioneer DJ are undoubtedly atop of the DJ market. Their CDJ's, mixers and speaker quality are second to none, and are used by many DJ's across the globe. Now, a new range of speakers are here. The DM-40BT are getting an upgrade, adding Bluetooth wireless technology, thus enhancing the user's overall experience. The announcement comes a month after the release of the XDJ-RX2

Since its release back in 2015, the XDJ-RX has been a popular gateway controller to the famed CDJ's; a popular choice among up-and-coming DJ's. An upgrade of the XDJ-RX, the XDJ-RX2 is combined with key features and traits from the flagship NXS2 series. The XDJ-RX console has also been used during the Australian edition of the popular DJ competition, 'Your Shot'. The Pioneer DJ

Pioneer are certainly the most well-known brand when it comes to DJ equipment, with their infamous CDJs seemingly at the top of every budding DJ's wishlist. However, Denon have been attracting a lot of attention lately in the DJ scene, with their latest technology persuading even some of the worlds top DJs to switch brands. One of the DJs who

DJ technology empire, Pioneer, combines forces with magazine DJ Times every year for the official America's Best DJ Poll. Now, to be fair, it's very similar to DJ mag's popularity contest. Users go and vote, only with this one, it's restricted to residents of the United States. Votes were cast not only from the official site, but also at the America's Best DJ Summer Tour,