July 2021

Returning with his first release of 2021, the ever-enigmatic Merchant has added another twist to the tale, as ‘Xerxes’ is unveiled to the world. Following the success of ‘Moonsingers’ and ‘Inhumane,’ the so-called prophet dares his fans-alike to embark on a unique journey around the Mediterranean. With a clear message set throughout this latest track, this high-energy single is the

If any DJ knows how to throw a party, it is Afrojack, and he did so this past weekend in front of a virtual audience for the latest edition of Tomorrowland Around The World. Dropping an awe-inspiring performance in the virtual land of Pāpiliōnem, Afrojack exceeded all expectations as part of the The Amicorum Spectaculum celebrations. Kicking off proceedings with his own, sparkling intro ID,

A few weeks ago, EXIT Festival in Serbia became the first major European festival to reopen its gates since the pandemic struck. On it's first night, the festival opened its gates to 42,000 visitors with no masks and no social distancing, with the only Covid-secure measure in place being on-site testing to gain entry or providing proof of a double vaccination. For

When Nicky Romero takes the festival stage, you can guarantee the set will be filled with high-energy drops and unforgettable melodies. That energy was provided to viewers through their screens this past weekend for Tomorrowland’s ‘Around The World’ Virtual Festival. Taking front and center of Tomorrowland’s mainstage, themed after their 2017 edition “Amicorum Spectaculum,” Romero made sure his set was one

Originally scheduled for the 1st to the 3rd of September, the Australian Festival Industry Conference, or AFIC for short, has been postponed until the 10th to the 12th of November, amid rising COVID-19 cases and the resulting lockdowns in Victoria and New South Wales. AFIC founder and event director Carlina Ericson stated: "Our country is unfortunately experiencing a number of significant COVID-19

Thom Yorke, vocalist and lead songwriter for legendary Nineties band Radiohead, has come up with a re-worked version of their signature song - and one of their biggest hits -  'Creep' that ventures into synth territory, eschewing the grunge and alternative sound that originally put them on the musical map. Thom Yorke's new version was crafted just for Jun Takahashi's UNDERCOVER series

Trance due Cosmic Gate is poised to release their long-anticipated new album 'MOSAIIK' on August 20th, wrapping up the summer with their signature trance vibes, giving the world what it needs. This new release is a successor to their previous album 'Materia', which debuted in 2017 and it will be released on their record label, Black Hole Recordings. MOSAIIK's lead single

Rising in the ranks to become true trance titans, duo SMR LVE hailing from Toronto have already made a lasting impression on the electronic world. With their euphoric productions and feel good vibes, SMR LVE and Polly Strange have teamed up to create the summer season's hottest new tune. The newly formed trance and progressive house duo have already gained the attention and ears of some